The Communist Fascist FBI is at war with the individual

The communist fascist FBI's motto is: "Because we can remotely control the mind of, torture, brainwash and kill any individual then the individual doesn't matter and Worldwide Communist halo-mind-slavery should rule the earth"

The communist fascist FBI will control, enslave, torture, and murder any child or adult in the name of absolute Worldwide Communist Slavery and the genocide of freedom-loving whites; the communist fascist FBI and their Worldwide Communist brethren operating in America and all other countries are irredeemably Communist-brainwashed mind-raping, murdering, inhumanly-evil monsters that must be abolished and held accountable by all freedom-loving Americans and those who have sworn to defend the Constitution;

The communist fascist FBI and the Worldwide Communist Technological Oligarchy has created and orchestrated all serial killers, all mass shooters, and all terrrorists in order to demonize the individual and demonize and abolish private gun ownership and to pave the way for aboslute Worldwide Communist slavery;

More to come